Custom Built Systems

Professional Designed and Crafted Systems

No one has more experience designing bullet-proof quality systems than us. Our dedicated team will assist you every step of the way from concept to installation and maintenance. Call Chase or Lisa today.


A Repair Department with Experience

The most experienced repair Techs in the biz. No matter what your issues may be, software or hardware, our Techs can handle them. Feel confident that our staff will take your pain away and do it in the fastest possible time frame.


Breathe new Life into Your System

We will help you evaluate your system and give you a free estimate of what hardware/software upgrades are best for your situation. Get more performance for less money at Computerwise, where we really do care about you.


Interconnect Your Home or Office

We can help with all kinds of networking from Cat wired to Wireless. Let us do the networking for you or we can help you design and configure it yourself. We have all the testers and tools you could possibly need. We have the largest selection of cables and networking in the area.

Data Recovery

When your data is important

Let us get your important stuff back. We can tell you in 24 hours if we can get the data or not. If we cannot do the recovery in house we have someone nearby that can do forensic data recovery as well as anyone in the biz. Either way we will help you get your data..

Virus Spyware Removal

Painless Removal of Those Pesky Bugs

We take care of the slow internet and sluggish responding systems by with smart spyware and virus removal. We will also get you back on the internet and prodcuctive within 24-48 hours. We'll tune your system install maleware removers for free. No one does removal better or faster.

Video Production

Streaming, Live or Post

From live broadcast to Post production, we can do all. We span all definitions from Standard to High. On site streaming of your event is a snap. If you need to convert from one res to another we can author that DVD for you. Animations, graphics and CG too.

Video Streaming

Several TriCaster Models to Choose From

If you need a TriCaster we have them. We can supply just the TriCaster and accessories or include an operator too. All budgets and we SD to HD, and Composite to SDI. Portable enough to take anywhere and powerful enough to broadcast everywhere.

Audio Production

Make a CD

Audio conversions from one media type to another. We can add that special mix to your video. We can do voice overs and background too.

Tricaster Rentals

Several TriCaster Models to Choose From

If you need a TriCaster we have them. We can supply just the TriCaster and accessories and even include an operator too. We cater to all budgets and needs. Portable enough to take anywhere, powerful enough to broadcast everywhere.

Replay Rentals

The one and only 3Play 3P1

We have several units available for rental. NewTek offers the premire system for sports replay and we have it here at Computerweise. We can supply an operator to you as well.

Studio Rental

When you need to Composit

Our Chroma studio is perfect for capturing any type of compositing need. All angles can be captured since 2 walls, floor and ceiling are all green. We have reasonable daily and weekly rates. Lighting is available too.

Contact Information

3000 North Main Street
Logan Utah 84341
Phone:(435) 752-2500
Fax: (435) 752-2501

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